John Brennan has been a member of the Society of Exchange Counselors (SEC) since 1995.  The SEC is a national organization of approximatley 100 highly skilled and creative commercial real estate investors, brokers and consultants who specialize in deal-making and 1031 tax deferred property exchanging.  The founding philosophy of the SEC is that people and their individual needs are the most important factors in a real estate transaction.

A significant aspect of our work at The Brennan Company involves counseling with our clients and partners to gain a solid understanding of their needs and desires as it relates to investment real estate.  Through thoughtful and thorough consultation, we properly align the benefits of real estate ownership with the needs of our clients and partners.  Our upfront work and planning is rewarded over and over as evidenced by our strong history of highly successful investments.  The Brennan Company enjoys an exceptional reputation as the general partner and managing member of these investments, as well as an established relationship with an existing base of quality investors and partners that is eager to be involved in our next acquisition.


Our investment strategies of today were developed over time in response to the many successes achieved for our numerous clients during the early years of our company.

In those years, we were hired by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Sunbelt Savings, Nations Bank and numerous other banks, savings and loans and other institutional lenders to take over failing and foreclosed properties.  The standards of procedures which were established by our company in order to achieve those outstanding results serve as the operational principles and practices we utilize today in the acquisition, ownership and operation of our investment properties.

We firmly believe in the premise that you make your money when you buy a property, not when you sell it.  By strictly adhering to this concept, we display patience in the acquistion of commerecial investment properties.  The Brennan Company employs a rigorous set of guidelines and investment analysis, believing that when the correct property is identified and acquired, our established operational standards and procedures for leasing, management and financial reporting will provide the same exceptional value enhancement which we have continually enjoyed with our properties over the years.